My Feeling. Photography. by Heron Yang

Now, I understand why I’ve encountered difficulties in photography recently. It’s because I’ve been trying to shoot photos that doesn’t belong to myself. A photograph that has no relationship to myself turned out to be boring for me and for anyone else.

It’s okay to shoot loneliness.

It’s okay to shoot loneliness.

I’ve been trying to shoot the street that I don’t have much feeling to. I’ve been trying to shoot strangers that I don’t know or I don’t even have an interest talking to them in face. I’ve been trying to find pretty views that I know I’ve seen many better ones.

I should shoot more on my own friends. I should shoot more on my own feelings. It’s important to connect the photography with feelings. I should shoot when I feel lonely, I should shoot when I feel terrified, I should shoot at the moment when I have a strong feeling, either good or bad.

That creates the meaningful photos under my definition.

攝影的開心時刻 by Heron Yang


不論讀攝影大師森山大道的書,或是看Youtube上頭別人採訪街頭攝影師John Free,都能感受到這些人在不斷反覆思考攝影這件事情、思考自己要拍攝什麼,森山大道甚至有一大段時間因為攝影陷入太深而無法拍攝。而對於只是愛好拍照不當做職業的我們,往往也有類似的感覺,會一直在想怎麼拍好相片,甚至在想什麼叫做好相片,不斷地否定之前自己的看法等等。然而,我想既然是興趣,也許能把事情看得輕鬆些,就拍得開心最重要吧!



  • 擁有第一台口袋大小的數位相機時,上學路上什麼都值得拍,樹上長出來的葉子是我的最愛
  • 擁有單眼相機之後,拿著它拍了好多身邊的朋友,他們也很喜歡
  • 扛著單眼相機去了好多國家,用拍出來的相片寫成網頁、做成作品
  • 開始拍底片之後,每次翻閱洗完的相片時,張張讓我感到興奮
  • 開始又使用口袋相機GR2,意外發現成像的效果真好,而且能每天放在口袋裡
  • 用GR2在路上大量拍照時候,用高對比黑白模式發現好多有趣的相片



  • 發現我第一台口袋相機PowerShot S100其實很多東西拍不好,覺得自己相片爛爛的
  • 發現我扛著超重的單眼相機好幾個月卻沒有拍多少相片
  • 發現單眼相機雖然很清晰且構圖完整的相片,依然讓我覺得無聊沒故事
  • 發現連Nikon FM2一台不太重的底片相機我都開始嫌重了
  • 發現GR2的顏色常常我不怎麼喜歡,調整越多反而更不喜歡了


Why Film? by Heron Yang

There are many reasons for me to shoot on films instead of using digital cameras.

The main reason is that shooting on films makes me happy and be excited while waiting for the developed films. On the other hand, as time goes by, shooting on digital camera makes me less happy. When shooting on digital cameras, I am always worried about if my gears are updated to date or not, and what kind of post edits I should do on the RAW images, etc. Therefore, I picked films as it keeps photography simple and generates joy.

The second reason is that films provides more natural images to me. It's based on the analog information collected from the physical films. On the other hand, digital cameras are limited. The traditional encoding only includes 0-255 steps for a channel (like red for example), the camera will find it difficult to gather information like 245.55 and 245.85.

However, I am not totally limit myself to only shoot on films. In the past year, I always brings a pocket-size digital camera, GR2, with me. So I won't miss a great shoot because of what equipment I am using. Occasionally, my phone camera works pretty well too.

Understanding Photography by Heron Yang

It's so common that you found it hard to understand some others' photography. It happens to me all the time, and it may happen to you as well when you're trying to understand my photography. However, it doesn't matter! I believe that the photography is not about creating photos liked by all the people, but instead, it's about making pictures that mean something to someone. And, it will already be too much for us to work on.

I started to do photography since around 2011, and the photos I am trying to shoot has been changing all the time. However, it's a process for myself to understand what I am aiming for in my photography, and interestingly, what I am doing may be totally different to whatever you care! And, it doesn't matter as well.

So, I'd be happy if you like my photos, and it's also fine if you don't. In my photography, I am trying to make myself to shoot moments that mean something. In order to that successfully, I should be close to the subject, involve the subject, and feel it. I may not do it well enough at this point, and this is the motivation for me to work a better version of my own photography.