Why Film? by Heron Yang

There are many reasons for me to shoot on films instead of using digital cameras.

The main reason is that shooting on films makes me happy and be excited while waiting for the developed films. On the other hand, as time goes by, shooting on digital camera makes me less happy. When shooting on digital cameras, I am always worried about if my gears are updated to date or not, and what kind of post edits I should do on the RAW images, etc. Therefore, I picked films as it keeps photography simple and generates joy.

The second reason is that films provides more natural images to me. It's based on the analog information collected from the physical films. On the other hand, digital cameras are limited. The traditional encoding only includes 0-255 steps for a channel (like red for example), the camera will find it difficult to gather information like 245.55 and 245.85.

However, I am not totally limit myself to only shoot on films. In the past year, I always brings a pocket-size digital camera, GR2, with me. So I won't miss a great shoot because of what equipment I am using. Occasionally, my phone camera works pretty well too.