My Feeling. Photography. by Heron Yang

Now, I understand why I’ve encountered difficulties in photography recently. It’s because I’ve been trying to shoot photos that doesn’t belong to myself. A photograph that has no relationship to myself turned out to be boring for me and for anyone else.

It’s okay to shoot loneliness.

It’s okay to shoot loneliness.

I’ve been trying to shoot the street that I don’t have much feeling to. I’ve been trying to shoot strangers that I don’t know or I don’t even have an interest talking to them in face. I’ve been trying to find pretty views that I know I’ve seen many better ones.

I should shoot more on my own friends. I should shoot more on my own feelings. It’s important to connect the photography with feelings. I should shoot when I feel lonely, I should shoot when I feel terrified, I should shoot at the moment when I have a strong feeling, either good or bad.

That creates the meaningful photos under my definition.

Understanding Photography by Heron Yang

It's so common that you found it hard to understand some others' photography. It happens to me all the time, and it may happen to you as well when you're trying to understand my photography. However, it doesn't matter! I believe that the photography is not about creating photos liked by all the people, but instead, it's about making pictures that mean something to someone. And, it will already be too much for us to work on.

I started to do photography since around 2011, and the photos I am trying to shoot has been changing all the time. However, it's a process for myself to understand what I am aiming for in my photography, and interestingly, what I am doing may be totally different to whatever you care! And, it doesn't matter as well.

So, I'd be happy if you like my photos, and it's also fine if you don't. In my photography, I am trying to make myself to shoot moments that mean something. In order to that successfully, I should be close to the subject, involve the subject, and feel it. I may not do it well enough at this point, and this is the motivation for me to work a better version of my own photography.