Mr. Duck sleeps late so he can own the whole bed.

Mr. Duck knows how to spend his life to maximize his happiness. He knows. He knows very well. He is the duck you always want to talk with when you're upset because he knows hundreds of ways to stay happy.
He has been staying with Heron since Heron has any memory in life; that is, Mr. Duck has been a friend of Heron for life. Mr. Duck knows that he usually can't own the whole bed when Heron is around so Mr. Duck likes to sleep late - very late - so he can own the whole bed for a couple of hours in the morning. He likes the sense of owning something and being himself.

Mr. Duck spends the morning doing nothing.

After Mr. Duck finally wakes up, he likes to sit near the windows and to do nothing. Doing nothing makes him feel safe then he can tell himself: "the world is doing fine by itself and there's nothing to worry." He repeats this action of 'doing nothing' every day so he is very convinced (by himself) that he's safe and everything is doing fine.

Mr. Duck said that he wants to go out like this.

Mr. Duck gets bored in the afternoon so he finds Heron even though Heron is working. Mr. Duck tries out different things to attract Heron's attention, like sitting on Heron's chair and wearing his hat. Mr. Duck always knows that Heron is never going to be angry at him because they are friends - and friends play with each others all the time.

Mr. Duck is in charge of the house.

Mr. Duck understands people are busy although he doesn't know what people are busy for. So, he sits back at the coach and leaves everyone be back to work. He likes to think he's in charge of everything, and everything is working fine under his control. Next time, if you found a problem too hard to solve, just find Mr. Duck, he can always help take care of whatever problem it is.

Mr. Duck turns into a potato coach in the evening and can't stop watching TV.

In the evening, he usually prepares himself very well for watching TV - he makes sure the blanket is warm enough, there's enough chips and snacks to survive the whole show, and he also makes sure himself have the most comfortable sit at home. He likes to watch Netflix, especially the funny comedies, but he's very okay with the short funny clips on Youtube as well. He lets Heron to pick the show but he has lots of comments on Heron's taste - which makes them good friends.
"Quack. Quack, quack, quack... Quack.. Quack quack!!" Okay, okay. Mr. Duck is yelling at me now saying Jimmy O. Yang is too funny for him and he wants to make sure we can watch the next episode of Silicon Valley today.
That's it. We've done a short story of Mr. Duck's regular day. How do you like Mr. Duck now?

Mr. Duck moves whenever Heron moves.

One more thing, I want to mentioned that Mr. Duck has been to many places. He moves whenever I move. He never complains; he always stays positive and tells me to enjoy life - and be happy. I'm glad to have Mr. Duck as my lifetime friend.

Mr. Duck is Heron's lifetime friend.